How geeky are you?

Take the geek test and find out...

1. Have you ever been called a 'geek' or a 'nerd'? Yes No
2. Have you ever played War Hammer? Yes No
3. Do you know how to program a calculator? Yes No
4. Do you often correct people on spelling or grammar? Yes No
5. Have you ever solved a Rubik's cube? Yes No
6. Do you enjoy jigsaw puzzles? Yes No
7. Do you know the difference between ROM and RAM? Yes No
8. Have you ever been a member of a chess club? Yes No
9. Are you a member of any fan clubs? Yes No
10. Were you in the 'clever' class for maths at school? Yes No
11. Have you ever played Dungeons and Dragons? Yes No
12. Do you like Star Trek? Yes No
13. Do you use computers on a daily basis, outside of work? Yes No
14. Have you ever won a spelling or maths competition? Yes No
15. Do you visit museums of your own free will? Yes No
16. Do you ever go to a friends house just to play Trivial Pursuit? Yes No
17. Have you ever worn a costume 'just for fun'? Yes No
18. Have you ever been to the cinema on your own? Yes No
19. Would you turn down a party invite if you were near the end of a good book? Yes No
20. Have you read a comic after the age of 14? Yes No
21. Have you ever fantasised about working for Microsoft? Yes No
22. Do you believe in 'The Force'? Yes No
23. Do you know what an ERP system is? Yes No
24. Have you ever watched anything on the Sci-Fi channel? Yes No
25. Do you own a Slinky? Yes No
26. Do you own more that 1 kind of dictionary? Yes No
27. Do you like number puzzles? Yes No
28. Have you ever considered trying out for Mensa? Yes No
29. Are you already a member of Mensa? Yes No
30. Do you wear a bum-bag when you are on holiday? Yes No
31. Do you wear a bum-bag at any other time? Yes No
32. Have you ever collected anything? Yes No
33. Could you write a basic computer programme? Yes No
34. Have you ever designed a robot? Yes No
35. Have you ever attempted to build a robot? Yes No
36. Do you have more than 2 e-mail addresses? Yes No
37. Do you know the value of Pi beyond 3.14? Yes No
38. Have you ever worked in a 'geeky' job? Yes No
39. Can you read roman numerals? Yes No
40. Have you ever 'been friends' with someone on the internet? Yes No

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